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September, 2017

Medicare Open Enrollment – Don’t Miss It!

Medicare Open Enrollment

Open sesame? No, that opens the cave where the treasure is hidden in One Thousand and One Nights. We are talking about open enrollment for Medicare. It may not be as exciting as hidden treasure, but it’s just about as valuable. It gives you decision-making power over your healthcare coverage. Open enrollment is the only […]


True or False? I’m 65 and Still Working – I Don’t Need Medicare

You can delay but there are IFs and BUTs If you are over 65 and still working, you are not alone. Warren Buffet is still at it and he just turned 87! In August of this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said there are 9,205,000 U.S. senior citizens in the same boat. Retirement used […]

How Do I Get Started with Medicare?

“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?” Remember those Beatle lyrics? Chances are when you heard them, 64 sounded old! But, now that you have passed that landmark by a year, 65 seems young. You can retire. You can get senior discounts. And, you are eligible to sign up […]