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November, 2017

The End of Medicare Open Enrollment is near! Make your changes now.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Procrastination is not covered by Medicare! If you have waited until now to take advantage of Medicare Open Enrollment – that grace period when you can change a program – then you only have a few days left. December 7 at midnight is the last hurrah. If you want to make a change, do it […]

The Medicare Alphabet – Costs for Medicare Part C and a Little about Medigap

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is the home for Medicare Advantage plans, which basically provide coverage for the 20% of costs not covered by traditional Medicare Parts A and B. In the previous blog, we discussed the benefits of an MA plan and the decisions you should consider before signing up with one of the private insurance […]

The Medicare Alphabet: Part C {Medicare Advantage} – The most complicated of all!

Medicare Advantage

Now, from recent blogs, you know about the benefits and costs of A, B and D. So, here is Part C. C stands for complicated! There are many decisions you have to weigh when you sign up for C, either when you first enroll in Medicare or during the Open Enrollment Period, which is now […]

The Medicare Alphabet: What you get with Part D

You thought Part B was complicated? Well, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Part D is where things start to get really byzantine. Part D is insurance for outpatient prescription drugs. In other words, you take them yourself, you are not given them in the hospital or in a doctor’s office. Part D was added in […]