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December, 2017

Medicare Catastrophic Drug Coverage: The final phase

Medicare Catastrophic Drug Coverage

So-called catastrophic coverage (sounds like doomsday but it’s actually a good thing!) begins once you’ve made it through the coverage gap called the donut hole. In 2018, you will exit the donut hole once you have reached $5,000 in out-of-pocket costs. (See last week’s blog for more details.) Catastrophic coverage is Phase 4, the final […]


When the Medicare Donut Hole Takes a Bite Out of You.

Medicare Donut Hole

If you spent more than $3,700 on covered drugs in 2017, you know all about the donut hole. It’s the dreaded coverage gap when your initial coverage ends and you enter Phase 3 of your Part D plan. In 2018, the out-of-pocket amount increases slightly to $3,750. If you land in the donut hole, your […]

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Cutting costs in Medicare and getting Extra Help.

Do you feel like screaming when you pick up your prescription at the pharmacy and the cashier gives you a nervous look because she knows how high much you will have to pay? The Medicare coverage that may be the most expensive is, indeed, Part D, coverage of prescription drugs. This is not the fault […]

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