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April, 2018

Medicare Payments For Some Emergency Care May Change

Medicare payments can be a burden but some emergency care costs will change soon. MedPAC aims to reduce reimbursements to freestanding emergency departments. You have bad pains in your chest. Where do you go? The closest hospital emergency room? Yes. You have a bad cough. Where do you do? The closest hospital emergency room? No! […]

Medicare Just Announced That Digital Medicare Is Now Possible

Medicare Comes out of the Dark Ages into Digital Going paperless after all these years! Digital Medicare is the future. Medicare just announced it is giving members the option to go paperless. The insurance program has created three ways to go digital. Finally! Here are the three digital Medicare opportunities: Electronic Medicare Summary Notices For […]

Many Seniors Love Medicare For These 4 Reasons

seniors love medicare

Sometimes, the Medicare system has your back and that’s when seniors love Medicare most. There are at least four Medicare programs that should put a smile on your face and make you happy to be a Medicare beneficiary. Well, if not happy, then, at least, thankful. These services either are designed to keep you healthy, […]

New Cards Open to Medicare Fraud And Abuse

Protect yourself from Medicare scammers The new Medicare cards are being mailed out to millions of Americans starting this month. You need to protect yourself from Medicare scammers who want to steal your information in order to line their pockets. Congress has decreed that all the Social Security numbers that used to be on every […]

Medicare Wellness Visit – in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Medicare Preventative Services

Did you know about Medicare preventive services that will pay for a Medicare wellness visit in your home? You don’t have to walk or drive to the office of your primary care physician (PCP). Your checkup will come to you. Wellness checkups are part of Medicare’s preventative care initiative. Two kinds of wellness visits There are […]