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May, 2018

A Deeper Dive into Medicare Part D Drug Costs Will Help Everyone

A Deeper Dive into Medicare Part D Drug Costs Who really makes money on brand-name drugs? As the discussion about the Medicare Part D drug costs gets more heated, the real story behind the problem is becoming clear. These are the two issues and how they affect you: Money made by drug middlemen (who negotiate […]

Do You Know What Your Blood Pressure Is?

Medicare wants you to remember your wellness visit and get your blood pressure checked. Believe it or not, Medicare cares about your blood pressure. In an email sent this week,  says: It’s important for you to know your current blood pressure numbers, even when you’re feeling fine. High blood pressure usually has no signs […]

Medicare Plan B Drug Coverage May Shift to Medicare Plan D

One proposal in President Trump’s drug plan could cost Americans money. By now you know that President Trump’s plan to lower drug costs has killed any idea that the government, i.e. Medicare, will be able to negotiate prices directly with Big Pharma. Read This. But, did you know that another part of the plan proposes […]

Advice from Medicare: Write Your Advance Directives

The advice from Medicare is to write your advance directives just in case. People need to know your healthcare wishes and this advice from Medicare just makes sense. Advice from Medicare states it’s never too soon to let trusted family members or friends know how you want to be taken care of if you are […]

President Trump Leaves Medicare Out Of Drug Price Negotiations

President Trump Leaves Medicare out of Drug Price Negotiations New plan reneges on popular campaign promise One of President Trump’s most popular planks in his campaign platform was the promise to give Medicare the power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. The so-called populist promise was liked by Democrats but disliked by Republicans. Now, according […]

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