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June, 2018

Medicare and Pre-existing Conditions Lose Leverage In Markets

Medicare and Pre-existing Conditions take a backseat as the DOJ brief recommends ditching protection against discrimination. In another move in the government’s seeming crusade to eat away at Americans’ access to affordable healthcare, the Department of Justice recently filed a brief supporting Texas and 19 other states in their desire to remove all protections for […]

Medicare Coverage Out Of Country Can Be Good Or Bad.

Medicare Coverage Out Of Country When Traveling Can Help You When You Most Need It. You have a fabulous trip to Europe planned. It begins in Paris, goes through the South of France, then to three places in Spain. The last stop is Great Britain where you will tour England and Ireland. Trip of a […]

Where is Your New Medicare Card?

Is Your New Medicare Card in the mailbox? How to find out when your new Medicare card will arrive and what to do when it does. When you order something from Amazon or Walmart online, you get a tracking number and frequent updates on where the product is and when it will arrive. Medicare isn’t […]

Medicare Part A And Medicare Part B Similarities And Differences

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B are like best friends. Why you need both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and what they cover can be found in this article. If you had a pop quiz on the difference between the coverage of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, would you score […]

Report Says Medicare Part A Fund will be Depleted in 2026

Is it even possible that Medicare Part A Fund will be Depleted by the year 2026. “Substantial steps” needed to fix this Medicare Part A situation The Board of Trustees for Medicare just released its 2018 Annual Report with the chilling news that the Medicare Part A hospital trust fund is going to be depleted […]

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