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July, 2018

Medigap Plans – Filling in the Gaps in Medicare

Medigap Plans – Medicare as we know it is one of the largest insurance companies in United States. However, we also know about Medigap supplement Plans that they pay for only about half of the medical costs for American senior citizens. The solution? Medigap Plans. Yes, Medigap Plans offer to “fill the gaps” and pay much […]

Separation Policy For Migrant Families Is Costing Millions

Migrant Family Separation Policy Costing Millions and Causing Future Healthcare Problems Trump’s Separation policy seen as draining funds from other programs Would anyone care to guess how much healthcare will be needed in the future for the thousands of immigrant children separated from their families for weeks? Even if no lasting illnesses are the result […]

Medigap Enrollment Differs by State

Most people don’t realize that Medigap Enrollment differs by state. Kaiser publishes analysis of availability and Medigap enrollment For the most part, Medigap , the private supplemental insurance to Medicare Parts A and B, is regulated by each state. It turns out that there are significant differences both in availability and in enrollment among the […]

Have Pre-existing Condition? What Could This Mean for You.

What If You Have Pre-existing Condition? It Appears Trump wants “guaranteed issue” to disappear and when you have pre-existing illness. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also called Obamacare, you cannot be denied insurance coverage because you have pre-existing condition, disease or illness. This is called “guaranteed issue,” which means that a “health plan must […]

Will Medicare Pay for Your Air Conditioner?

Will Medicare pay for your monthly energy bill? CMS’s expanding services coverage that could help those people who need it most. Everyone wants to know, will Medicare pay for more in home services. Earlier this year, CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced plans to cover more in-home services for people who are physically […]

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