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August, 2018

Healthcare Medical Cost Crisis – Under-65 People Adding to Problem

A healthcare medical cost crisis appears to be on the horizon for all Americans. Under-65 People Adding to Overall Healthcare Medical Cost Crisis and Americans are beginning to feel the squeeze. It’s not only Medicare that has affordability issues The Kaiser Family Foundation has released some disturbing survey results on healthcare affordability issues for people […]

Medicare Alphabet – Part A, B, C, D And Beyond

The Medicare alphabet is complicated, hard to understand and time consuming for many until they find Keith Armbrecht, Founder of Here is a reminder of what the Medicare alphabet covers On July 30 of this year, Medicare turned 53. The Medicare Bill was signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson that […]

Medicare And Dementia

Medicare and dementia sometimes go hand in hand with senior living. Planning ahead will ease the heartache There is a new book that explains what you can do to live well if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia. The book, called Better Living with Dementia, is written by Laura Gitlin and […]

Senior Bankruptcy Filings Way Up

Senior Bankruptcy – Are You Struggling Too? Filings Our Way Up This Year. Unpaid medical bills the No. 1 reason Senior bankruptcy is an emotional word for most people over 65 who struggle financially. It’s a last resort. There is, traditionally, something shameful in it. But, bankruptcy is occurring more and more frequently with people […]

Did They Kill Obamacare With Dark Money From Drug Industry?

Some believe that drug industry dark money was used to kill Obamacare. Here is what we found out. Funds campaigns against reducing Medicare drug prices The New York Times devoted an entire page in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago to an article entitled “The Stealth Campaign to Kill Obamacare.” Here is what it […]

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