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September, 2018

Seniors With Prediabetes Need Physical Exercise

A brand-new research study reveals that 2 weeks of physical lack of exercise can set off full-blown diabetes in seniors with prediabetes. The research study explores the metabolic results of lack of exercise for seniors. A group of researchers led by Chris Mcglory– through Diabetes Canada Research in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University […]

Chronic Conditions Health Coaching and Virtual Care With Fitbit

Hot on the heels of Apple’s current play for seniors, wearable-technology-company Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) is magnifying its efforts to avoid and handle chronic conditions health illness. San Francisco-based Fitbit revealed Wednesday the launch of Fitbit Care, a platform that integrates health training and virtual care with Fitbit’s wearable gadgets to provide individualized interventions. The brand-new […]

Senior Opioid Crisis Growing In New Reports

Against the backdrop of an unrelenting senior opioid crisis, 2 brand-new federal government reports alert that America’s seniors are catching the pitfalls of prescription pain relievers. Issued by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the reports expose that millions of older Americans are now filling prescriptions for various opioid medications and at the […]

Frustrating News For Seniors: A Brand-New Trial Reveals…

It is frustrating news for seniors when a significant brand-new clinical trial has concluded that taking a daily low-dose aspirin does not lengthen healthy, independent living in otherwise healthy individuals aged 70 and older. Researchers recruited over 19,000 people in Australia and the United States with an average age of 74, and designated half to […]

How Will I Pay For Rehabilitation In The Nursing Home?

Many seniors ask, “How will I pay for rehabilitation in the nursing home once I leave the hospital?” One of the most frustrating occasions for individuals dealing with nursing home rehabilitation is believing that their insurance is going to cover the cost only to find out that their insurance will not completely cover the total […]

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