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November, 2018

Tips to Make Medicare Open Enrollment Easier for Seniors

You can apply for Medicare several different times in the year. It is always advisable to start looking at the different plans that are available as soon as you turn 64 so that you have ample time to choose a cover that will take care of you. That said, there are times when seniors will […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Deadline | What Every Senior Should Know

Don’t miss your Medicare open enrollment deadline! You know that you should apply for Medicare by the time you turn 65, but what is open enrollment and how does it affect you? Medicare open enrollment is the period you are given every year to make changes to your coverage. Imagine, for example, that when you […]

Use These Simple Tips to Help Seniors Enjoy Thanksgiving

Help seniors enjoy Thanksgiving with these easy tips everyone can enjoy. Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together, catch up and give thanks but many of us who have seniors living with us forget that it can be a stressful time for them. They are no longer as energetic as they used to […]

Medicare Enrollment Online Is Easy With These Tips

Medicare enrollment online is easy until you have to do it all by yourself. Medicare On Video can help. Retirement can be a confusing time for many – you have to make lots of changes in your life and many of them involve filling up documents and signing up for new programs that will help […]

Senior Wellness and Nutrition Should Not Be Ignored

Learn why you cannot afford to ignore senior wellness and nutrition! For most adults proper nutrition is something that they know that they should take seriously but who has the time? They are busy at work so they end up eating the most convenient “food” that they can find. What they do not realize is […]

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