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December, 2018

Top New Year Resolutions For Seniors 2019

New Year Resolutions For Seniors

The New Year is here and as is tradition, it is time to make new year resolutions. With the new year comes the opportunity to make resolutions geared towards making the coming year a fruitful and memorable year. Although the below resolutions are a great choice for anyone these are some of the top 2019 […]

Senior Fitness Goals and Staying Perfectly Healthy Forever

senior fitness goals

Some people more or less give up on fitness as they get older, but this is not a good strategy. Exercise counts for everyone and having senior fitness goals will set you up for success. Plenty of people have successfully pursued athletic hobbies at a relatively advanced age these days. There are people in their […]

Tips for Seniors | Learning and Staying Aware of Current Trends

tips for seniors

There are lots of tips for seniors out there. However, a good portion of them are just too vague. Senior citizens get a lot of advice on how they should approach this new life stage. Some of them are given some advice on how to start new careers and hobbies. Obviously many senior citizens will […]

How to Be Happy and Healthy: The Need for Support Structures

be happy and healthy

Knowing how to be happy and healthy at any time of the year is important at any age. People will vary when it comes to their interests and there aren’t any guarantees when it comes to happiness. However certain things like family, water and food will tend to make most people happy even during the […]

Is Medicare Health Insurance? Is There Anything I Should Know?

is medicare health insurance

Everyone wants to know, “Is Medicare health insurance?” Let us explain. You have been paying for medical insurance for many years and as you approach retirement you may be wondering whether Medicare is the same thing. As a matter of fact it is, only this time your premiums are largely taken care of by the […]

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