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AARP Medicare Plans

Medicare Approval Ethics Questioned in Aetna Director’s Decisions

medical approval

Lack of compassion and understanding. This is one of the worst responses you can get from family or friends when you are sick or injured. Compassion and understanding – and Medicare approval – are what you want and expect when you go to your provider for treatment. One of the medical directors at Aetna in […]

The Medicare Alphabet: Part C {Medicare Advantage} – The most complicated of all!

Medicare Advantage

Now, from recent blogs, you know about the benefits and costs of A, B and D. So, here is Part C. C stands for complicated! There are many decisions you have to weigh when you sign up for C, either when you first enroll in Medicare or during the Open Enrollment Period, which is now […]

AARP Medicare Health Plans

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans Complete Medicare Resource Center is here: What You Should Know about AARP Medicare Supplement Plans AARP Medicare Supplement Plans are supplement plans to cover expenses Medicare coverage does not.  These plans are provided through a subdivision of United Healthcare Insurance Company. Their partnership allows customers (AARP members) to select supplement plans […]

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