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Medicare Part C

Is Medicare Health Insurance? Is There Anything I Should Know?

is medicare health insurance

Everyone wants to know, “Is Medicare health insurance?” Let us explain. You have been paying for medical insurance for many years and as you approach retirement you may be wondering whether Medicare is the same thing. As a matter of fact it is, only this time your premiums are largely taken care of by the […]

How Medicare Works | Understanding Medicare for Seniors

Learn how Medicare works in this post. The time has come for you to start thinking about applying for Medicare but you are confronted with so much information that you don’t know where to begin. This is normal, especially if you aren’t used to handling insurance matters. Applying for Medicare can be daunting, but the […]

Medicare Enrollment Online Is Easy With These Tips

Medicare enrollment online is easy until you have to do it all by yourself. Medicare On Video can help. Retirement can be a confusing time for many – you have to make lots of changes in your life and many of them involve filling up documents and signing up for new programs that will help […]

Medicare Alphabet – Part A, B, C, D And Beyond

The Medicare alphabet is complicated, hard to understand and time consuming for many until they find Keith Armbrecht, Founder of Here is a reminder of what the Medicare alphabet covers On July 30 of this year, Medicare turned 53. The Medicare Bill was signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson that […]

Medicare Approval Ethics Questioned in Aetna Director’s Decisions

medical approval

Lack of compassion and understanding. This is one of the worst responses you can get from family or friends when you are sick or injured. Compassion and understanding – and Medicare approval – are what you want and expect when you go to your provider for treatment. One of the medical directors at Aetna in […]

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