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Mental Illness in Seniors: Understanding and Addressing Issues

Mental Illness in Seniors

Many senior citizens do struggle with mental illness, although there isn’t a lot of information available about the incidence of mental illness in senior citizens. People often associate mental illnesses with the young. It is true that some mental illnesses are more likely to occur in young people, but some mental illnesses can affect all […]

Health Insurance for the Elderly | Who and When

health insurance for the elderly

Health insurance for the elderly is needed. Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is usually one of the many times medical providers create awareness and educate on health insurance plans for seniors. However, family members are tasked with the duty to advise the aging among them to seek health insurance and Medicare is one place to look […]

How Medicare Works | Understanding Medicare for Seniors

Learn how Medicare works in this post. The time has come for you to start thinking about applying for Medicare but you are confronted with so much information that you don’t know where to begin. This is normal, especially if you aren’t used to handling insurance matters. Applying for Medicare can be daunting, but the […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Deadline | What Every Senior Should Know

Don’t miss your Medicare open enrollment deadline! You know that you should apply for Medicare by the time you turn 65, but what is open enrollment and how does it affect you? Medicare open enrollment is the period you are given every year to make changes to your coverage. Imagine, for example, that when you […]

What are Medigap Policies and Should You Invest in One?

Medigap policies provide unique benefits. How? When you enroll for Medicare you may mistakenly assume that you are fully covered and do not have to pay a cent from your pocket. While Medicare health insurance takes care of most medical costs for seniors you are still required to pay deductibles. This will vary depending on […]

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