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Minnesota Medicare Is All About Medicare

Our Medicare website was created specifically for you! Welcome! You have come to the home of all things to do with Medicare at Our aim on this website is simple – to present Medicare in such a way that it can be understood by all. You will find information that tells you what Medicare […]

Medicare Advantage Companies Entering the Empty Cost Plan Space

Medicare Advantage Companies Entering the Empty Cost Plan Space Could Have Dramatic Effects On Medicare And The People Who Use It. Many Medicare advantage companies feel Minnesota offers the biggest opportunity. As we discussed several blogs ago (Minnesota Medicare), Medicare Cost plans are on the way out next year. Federal legislation has ruled that any […]

Minnesota Medicare Cost Plans Disappear End of 2018

Minnesotans Losing Medicare Cost Plans at End of 2018 Minnesota Medicare has been the mecca for Cost Plans for years. More than half of the people who have Medicare Cost insurance in the U.S. live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. But many will be out of luck in 2019. Medicare Advantage companies win out […]

Medigap Plans – Filling in the Gaps in Medicare

Medigap Plans – Medicare as we know it is one of the largest insurance companies in United States. However, we also know about Medigap supplement Plans that they pay for only about half of the medical costs for American senior citizens. The solution? Medigap Plans. Yes, Medigap Plans offer to “fill the gaps” and pay much […]