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Surefire Tips To Avoid Loneliness Among Seniors

lonliness among seniors

As sad as it is most seniors feel that they are lonely. Elders who are lonely or just turning will exhibit a set of symptoms and discernible behavioral changes. Loneliness among seniors can lead to alcoholism, depression and malnutrition. There are so many other possible results of loneliness and depression, the total sum of the […]

Is Medicare for Seniors? – Ageing Parent Care – What are Its Benefits?

is medicare for seniors

As a child of ageing parents’ one thing that you have to take care of is medical insurance and you are wondering whether there is any point in getting them enrolled in Medicare – what if you just bought them regular health insurance? Medicare is a federal health program that covers medical costs for people […]

Seniors And Their Pets Can Help Each Other Live A Better Life

It is well documented that some seniors and their pets can help one another age gracefully. In some of the countries in Europe and in the United States, seniors are connected with aging pets and it seems to work wonders not just for their health but also for their well being. So is it true […]

Elderly Parent Care: Should You Worry About Flu Shot Side Effects?

Elderly Parent Care: Flu Shot Side Effects? It is advisable for all of us to get a flu shot every year, but these shots are especially recommended for seniors. Most young and middle aged people are able to withstand and fully recover from a flu strain but unfortunately the same doesn’t go for most people […]

Ageing Gracefully Is A Possibility Within Your Reach

Your retirement is coming up, and one of the things that you are worried about is whether you will be able to age on your own terms. Ageing gracefully is something that we all aspire to but not all of us are able to achieve it. You may live an active life before your retirement, […]


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