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Original Medicare

Medicare Expected Advances In 2019

Medicare expected advances

Medicare is a United States based health insurance program that provides medical insurance services for Americans who are aged 65 and above. It has also been modified to incorporate insurance to the younger ages often with disability as ruled out by Social Security Administration. Also, it insures Americans with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and some renal […]

Is Medicare for Seniors? – Ageing Parent Care – What are Its Benefits?

is medicare for seniors

As a child of ageing parents’ one thing that you have to take care of is medical insurance and you are wondering whether there is any point in getting them enrolled in Medicare – what if you just bought them regular health insurance? Medicare is a federal health program that covers medical costs for people […]

How Will I Pay For Rehabilitation In The Nursing Home?

Many seniors ask, “How will I pay for rehabilitation in the nursing home once I leave the hospital?” One of the most frustrating occasions for individuals dealing with nursing home rehabilitation is believing that their insurance is going to cover the cost only to find out that their insurance will not completely cover the total […]

Medicare Part D Tips For Seniors

Medicare Part D tips and tricks for seniors just like you. Since 2006, countless seniors have registered in the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit plan. The job of choosing a plan may seem challenging and can frequently be puzzling for seniors even after they have enrolled. The decision to participate is very important, and […]

Medigap Enrollment Differs by State

Most people don’t realize that Medigap Enrollment differs by state. Kaiser publishes analysis of availability and Medigap enrollment For the most part, Medigap , the private supplemental insurance to Medicare Parts A and B, is regulated by each state. It turns out that there are significant differences both in availability and in enrollment among the […]

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