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Many Believe Seniors Should Keep Working After Retirement

seniors keep working after retirement

Until very recently retirement was retirement. Once you got to the age of 65, it was time to pack it up, go home and wait for your sunset years. Not anymore; seniors are now seeking opportunities that will keep them busy after retirement because they realize that they have so much to offer even after […]

Mental Illness in Seniors: Understanding and Addressing Issues

Mental Illness in Seniors

Many senior citizens do struggle with mental illness, although there isn’t a lot of information available about the incidence of mental illness in senior citizens. People often associate mental illnesses with the young. It is true that some mental illnesses are more likely to occur in young people, but some mental illnesses can affect all […]

Senior Welfare: Simple Tips to Help Beat Back Pain

senior welfare

Senior welfare should be a concern for everyone. Back pain is a common problem for seniors and if not taken care of it can become debilitating. Serious back pain will limit your mobility and therefore have an impact on the quality of your life. So what can you do to make sure that you don’t […]

Value Based Health Care Is Here To Stay

value based care

Have you heard about the new value based health care initiative? It is meant to ensure that hospitals and medical professionals are paid according to the quality of care that they are able to afford their patients and not purely by the number of patients treated. If differs from the traditional fee for service approach […]

Solving Senior Sleep Issues and Adopting New Habits

solving senior sleep issues

Solving senior sleep issues isn’t so easy. It’s clear that it’s common for senior citizens to experience sleeping disorders and minor sleeping problems. Some of these problems are directly connected to the aging process. People who are in this age range will often find themselves waking up repeatedly throughout the night, and they might struggle […]

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