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Medicare Advantage

What to Know about Your Medicare Card

You are a card-carrying Medicare member Just what you need – another card to add to all the other ones in your wallet: another membership card! Whether you are a long-time card-carrying Medicare member or this is your first year, you will need to guard this card as carefully as your credit or debit cards. […]


The Medicare Alphabet: Part C {Medicare Advantage} – The most complicated of all!

Medicare Advantage

Now, from recent blogs, you know about the benefits and costs of A, B and D. So, here is Part C. C stands for complicated! There are many decisions you have to weigh when you sign up for C, either when you first enroll in Medicare or during the Open Enrollment Period, which is now […]

Medicare Open Enrollment – Don’t Miss It!

Medicare Open Enrollment

Open sesame? No, that opens the cave where the treasure is hidden in One Thousand and One Nights. We are talking about open enrollment for Medicare. It may not be as exciting as hidden treasure, but it’s just about as valuable. It gives you decision-making power over your healthcare coverage. Open enrollment is the only […]


Best Medicare Supplement Plan

Best Medicare Supplement plan. Complete Medicare Resource Center here: 941-505-7911 Medicare Plan F – Just Say No: Best Medicare Supplement Plan and How to Find the Right Option for You The best Medicare supplement plan, also known as Medigap policies, will help you get the most coverage when used with your Medicare healthcare […]

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AARP Medicare Health Plans

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans Complete Medicare Resource Center is here: What You Should Know about AARP Medicare Supplement Plans AARP Medicare Supplement Plans are supplement plans to cover expenses Medicare coverage does not.  These plans are provided through a subdivision of United Healthcare Insurance Company. Their partnership allows customers (AARP members) to select supplement plans […]

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